3 Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

3 Pieces of Insight from My Journey as an Entrepreneur (so far!)

I've been an entrepreneur for 3 years now and I thought I would share 3 important things I've learned on my journey so far, 1 for each year. 

1. A note on networking. 

I am definitely an introvert by nature so the term networking brings to mind something in a hotel conference room with stick-on name tags and a lot of small talk. BUT what I've come to learn is that the word "networking" should really be replaced with, "the knowing of many people."

The more I put myself out there by attending local events, investing in coaching sessions from a business coach, selling at local markets and doing store pop-ups, the more my "network" grew, which is really to say that the amount of people I knew and had actually spoken to in my town increased. 

People buy from people. If you're wanting to expand your network/revenue, you're going to need to:

a. Go to events (party, market, volunteer to docent for your local house tour event and get invited to the afterparty at one of the coolest houses in Nashville - true story) 

and b. talk about what you're up to when you get there. Ask others questions (people generally love talking about themselves), and exchange business cards - boom! You networked. 

2. Business Cards are a non-negotiable. 

I know it seems out-of-date but the people in the US with the most money right now are of a certain generation that believes in business cards. We want their attention right? So a physical card is the best way to go. Give them to everyone you meet. Don't be stingy with them; they're made to be given out. A necessary business expense & write-off!

I designed mine on Zazzle and as of today, 50 glossy rectangles costs about $50. 

3. Entrepreneurship is a Mindset 

Especially if you're a "solopreneur" like myself, everything in your business comes down to you. It's so easy for our minds to pick at the one negative thing that we heard or read that day and completely ignore all the amazing things that also happen every day!

Running your own business is like constantly running into yourself. Old & limiting beliefs about money? Hello again! Feeling unworthy of the sale you just made or anxious you priced something too high/low? Yep it's me! Put yourself out there in a big new way? Vulnerability hangover, when did you get here? 

My best mindset recommendation would be to assemble a team around you (virtual counts!) to be a listening ear and a sounding board for the ebbs and flows of business. The team can be family, business and life coaches, therapists and partners. But the team must always include one other business owner friend; resource sharing is a key to success and a perfect way to practice your new mindset of abundance (there is more than enough (money, sales, love, etc.) for everyone on the planet). 

Thank you for reading & I hope this helped. Be sure to check back here for more women-in-business insights and the latest jewelry launches!

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