About the Artist

I found my way to jewelry through metal. During an artist internship in college, I had the opportunity to learn about metal casting and fell in love with the process: from mold making to iron pouring to welding and clean up. It was endlessly fascinating to me.

I cast multiple sculptures during my time at the University of Minnesota’s arts foundry and often wondered what this process would look like on a much smaller scale. It was this simple question that changed the course of my life: “How do you cast jewelry?”

Following college, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and worked as a metal caster for a Saul Bell award winning jeweler. I was responsible for the entire casting process in the studio up until the jeweler’s bench; I would pass off the piece to be set with gemstones and finished to perfection. It was here that I got the bug to learn what they knew - to be at the bench with all the skill and confidence they had.

After a yearlong interlude as a fine jewelry salesperson at the oldest jewelry store in Minneapolis, I finally took the leap to become a jeweler by enrolling in the Graduate Bench Jeweler’s program at New Approach School for Jewelers in Tennessee. It was here that I learned all the basics of jewelry fabrication, jewelry repair and stone setting.

I cut my teeth as an apprentice jeweler in San Luis Obispo, CA under a master jeweler of 40 years before relocating to Nashville, TN and starting my own business – Lily Wujek Fine Jewelry.

It is my absolute passion to make beautiful pieces of jewelry that bring the wearer joy. I take great pride in my work and believe that my unique background in the arts, experience in luxury customer service and skills as a jeweler equips me to deliver creatively designed, well-made products in a personalized and trustworthy way.

I so look forward to making your next amazing LW piece!