Where Do Jewelers Get Their Diamonds?

Sourcing Diamonds & Gemstones for Lily Wujek Fine Jewelry

At Lily Wujek Fine Jewelry, I am committed to the highest quality product, including the sourcing of ethically-mined gemstones and diamonds. I choose to partner with stone dealers who have this same level of commitment to integrity,  transparency and ethical sourcing practices as me. 

Lily Wujek Fine Jewelry is committed to selling conflict-free diamonds. All diamonds used in Lily Wujek Fine Jewelry comply with the Kimberley Process, which ensures that all rough diamonds imported, exported, and sold have government-validated certificates stating the diamonds are conflict-free and are transported between signatory countries in tamper-proof containers. 

I prioritize colored gemstones mined through eco-friendly practices, minimizing the ecological footprint of mining and safeguarding fragile ecosystems. Supporting sustainable mining initiatives and advocating for responsible extraction methods works to minimize environmental harm and preserve natural resources for future generations.

By embracing ethical excellence in every facet of my business, Lily Wujek Fine Jewelry strives to set a new standard of integrity within the jewelry industry.

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